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Articles to support a PR campaign.

I was approached by Rising Stars, a leading UK Publisher, to create a series of articles to be placed in a range of publications to support their new range of products.

The breif was to provide several insightful articles to help establish the company as a thought leader. The articles were to be distinct but share a common theme. The client also wished for the articles to link to key products in their new range.

I worked with subject matter experts to research the topic and spent time exploring drafts of the new products to ensure that the articles had a natural synergy with them.

Five articles were successfully placed across various publications, which led to a noticeable increase in enquiries and purchases.

The client provided the following feedback:
"Thank you Tim, for creating such well researched and engaging series of articles that share a common theme but have their own distinctions. We have been successful in placing these in all of our target publications and have received very positive feedback from the publication editors."

Check out some key sections of a number of the articles below, or read two articles by clicking here and here.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 15.15.43
Screenshot 2022-03-24 15.15.58
Screenshot 2022-03-24 15.16.16
Screenshot 2022-03-24 15.16.27
Screenshot 2022-03-24 15.16.47
Screenshot 2022-03-24 15.34.05
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This is just one sample of how I can help you achieve your aims through great copy.  Why not check out my full portfolio
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