Here's just one example of how I helped somebody achieve their aim through great copy and content. For more examples, check out my portfolio

A tech comparison SEO optimised article

As a lot of my work has been behind NDA's, this is a sample blog post to showcase how I can write great copy for a range of purposes. Check out my full portfolio for more examples of my writing.

The fictitious brief for this article was:- To write an article for a mobile phone focused site comparing the key specifications of the S22 Ultra and S21 Ultra, targeting keywords including 'S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra' and the key search question 'Should I upgrade my S21 Ultra to am##n S22 Ultra'. The client wanted the article to be localised for UK English and to have sub-headings written in sentence case. I have produced some sample graphics and bold text has been added to show where links would have been added to other articles on the site.

Click here to view the sample article.

This is just one sample of how I can help you achieve your aims through great copy.  Why not check out my full portfolio
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